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Thursday, August 02, 2007

All in July

Looking back on what happened in July, I can say it’s fairly a good month for me and my family. Even the weather was not that bad, despite the scorching heat of the sun and the sudden showers of rain. It was tolerable.

It's still a great month despite a not too good news about hubby's health. Anyway, my relationship with hubby could never have been better, despite the distance.

Still a good one even when I wasn't able to push through with my travel plan because something came up and I chose to be a mother above anything else.

And being a mother, I have my share of heartaches which sprung from seeing darling Makiko sorely missing his Papa (but one day soon, all that is going to change). My share of duties and responsibilities, and one of these is to introduce Christ. Of worries, even on things so banal like bathing in the rain. Of triumph. And as a mother to a healthy uber-active tot, I had my share of heart-stopping moments. Of nights of this kind. Of comic relief. And of a sweet reward.

By the way, my darling Matt is in this wonderful, wonderful stage of verbal exploration. It’s really a joy hearing him building his vocabulary. When not reading or running around and turning the whole house upside down, he is playing the cool doctor's kit I bought him, and one which he instantly fell in love with.

And in July, I’ve gone out of my comfort zones as a blogger to venture on joining some Carnivals. Here's my very first entry on The Carnival of Family Life. And because I think I'm pretty crazy, I joined the Carnival of Craziness. I'm really having a grand time joining these Carnivals.

Then, I finally did
what should have been done a long time ago (but found the time to do it only recently).

End of July, I found myself
playing nurse to some family members. Although I hate seeing them sick, I certainly don’t mind. It's really not new to me since as early as 9yo, I was already taught to read the thermometer. When girls my age read about the adventures of Archie, Betty and Veronica (costly comics that were considered a luxury that time), I was encouraged by my parents - my mother mainly- to entertain myself with the tales of sickness and treatment from that red heavy book we have at home. And so, I burrowed my head in medical jargon which I barely understood.

Anyway, I was hoping for some fireworks early on, and indeed, there really were some - for me and my family. And even one for a friend, who got the Canadian immig Visa for her whole family.

So for the hits and misses, I give thanks to the Lord.


bing said...

It was July when i discovered that u're blogging too. (if my memory is still sharp)

And i do admire you're writings, thoughts and uban pa...especially on Matt's.

sandierpastures said...

one month gone, few to go before we say goodbye to 2007! Great work on the wrapup naids!