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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monday morning

I woke up this morning with my son hugging and shaking me awake.

It's still few minutes after 5AM. Too early. Groan.

But then, that's expected for someone who slept earlier than usual.

What's not expected though was Matt demanding, "Papa, hug, hug. Papa, hug." Fancy waking up with more than a ruffled hair? I honestly don't.

That left me racking my brain and fumbling for words to gently explain to a one-year-old that Pop's gone back to work.

Oh, I hate Mondays. Growl. Groan.

I just hate Monday mornings, after hubby goes back to Cebu. I really I hate the feeling of seeing Matt waking up and finding out that his Papa is no longer in bed or anywhere else around the house.


sandierpastures said...

Paet naids no? ok ra kita ang ma-hurt dili lang ang bata...hay mommyhood!

bing said...

Lisod biya gyud layo sa Papa ang if there are means na magduol mo Naids, do it, just for the sake of your son labi na ron baby pa sya, he needs fatherly care too.