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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A blessing

Isn’t GOD wonderful?

No I’m not going to make any big announcement or some big statement following that first one either. Not now.

Actually, if I re-think about it, about what I’m going to write here, I expect people to only sneer and go “so what?” or “too ordinary" or the worse, "like I care.” (Chalk it as the pessimism of the

But I just wanted to say God’s been wonderful to me today. Because I have been spared from the sad consequence brought about by red tape in the company. This time (for me), it's sending-signing-approval of certain money-related docs. The sad consequence would have been salary deduction due to unliquidated cash, which, I might just add, I have not spent a single cent on myself.

I have spoken with the Accounting woman last week, explaining to her that the docs are already in transit and that she may receive these on the date of the deadline itself or maybe a day late. I was asking if she could consider the delay
but her reply was terse and non-committal and she stressed to me that unless she has these papers in her hand, there’s just no way, she can do anything about the deadline, or the possible salary deduction.

There. That's company policy. And I understand that. But to have the whole amount deducted from my semi monthly pay-out means leaving me with a negative amount in the payslip! Of course, with mouths and a baby to feed, I’m so worried of that. I feared about that.

But thanks God. Because today, when I called the woman from Accounting Dept again, to follow up the status of the docs, she said she already have them. Got it later than expected but she said, it's okay 'coz the deadline is extended anyway.

Sigh. I'm just so grateful
. I can breathe easily now. Sigh. Smile


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