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Friday, July 06, 2007

Early July Weather

An illustration of the weather this side of town.

It's pretty warm as is expected in the tropics at this time of the year.

And maybe warmer than usual because of the heat coming from...I don't know where. Or did I say radiating microwaves? No, don't look at me like that (in fact, don't look at me at all). Look at the structure at the right side of my head.

And expect a light wind to blow your hair in a gentle caress. The kind that would teasingly blow your skirt an inch above the knee.

Blow your worries away.

And yes, I know I shouldn't forget to mention about the clouds. The Cirrus clouds are such a pretty sight. Enjoy, enjoy the pretty sight.

Ayyyy no, it's not me again. Sadly, I just cannot say that to myself, no no no, not to me. Lol.

The wispy Cirrus clouds can lighten the mood, ey?

But later in the afternoon, when you look up to the sky, you'll see that they're all gone. And in place will be those dark Nimbus clouds carrying light to heavy rain. Just one click of the fingers. Just like that.

One moment it's hot, hot, hot the next ,it's dreary, dreary, dreary.

And this has been the unsmiling weather woman wanna-be trying to, just like Grover, sell the weather here . And saying, you're every bit wiser to protect your eyes from harmful glare of the sun.

But you'll be wisest and you'll find you're best off, if you don't take things -even the weather- seriously.

Have a happy heart, smile (coming from the unsmiling weather woman
wanna-be herself) and enjoy life, anywhere you may be in the globe.


bing said...

Pwede na...pwede na ipuli kay Kim Atienza. Dri Naids joke kaau ang weather pod, init sya no then moulan ug kusog with matching strong winds pa (like signal #1 sa ato) after the rain cguro wla lay oras sidlak na pod si Haring adlaw.

ZAM said...

bing permanent naka puyo dira...i hope makasuroy ko dira..heheheh..hapit nya ko sa inyo..soon, soon, i hope..GOD willing..

bing said...

Dili sila gahatag ug permanent residency diri, dependent pass lang. Hopefully makuha na namo ang dependent pass this of now visit visa pa lng then 5 months ang duration. After five months need to exit or uwi Pinas then pwd balik lng dayon whereas if naa na dependent pass as long as nag work pa diri ako husband pwd mi mag stay. The fare is cheaper than domestic fares nato so ok lng.

Yeah u can Naids, ok bya diri, limpyo then well organize pod. Though agwantahon lng nimo ang kabaho sa imong tapad if mag bus ka or baho sa driver if mag taxi ka...hehehe.

Anonymous said...


cge i hope, i hope..soon..antos diay kau sa baho...heheheh..cge lang kai if anha ko dra dili pod ko maligo...heheh..

sandierpastures said...

chada ni inyong topic diri da..baho-baho...daghan pud na diri sa dubai ba..mga Indian, kung madato ko, magdonate ko ug deodorant ug sabon.

Anonymous said...


grace, nami taga Indian colleague before (didto pko work cebu) in naa jud day dili cya mag eat ug magligo! imagine...

sandierpastures said...

bahala nag di mag eat wa ko paki ana pero kanang di maligo?? pls lang taga-i ko ug nose clip!