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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rain, rain

Me: It’s been raining here

Hubby: So how about letting Matt play in the rain.


Months and months, maybe a year ago, kiddo used to cringe at the sound of rain. He would tightly hug me, duck and bury his head in the security of my chest.

I had promised myself to change all that.

Today, son looks forward to seeing a rain drop. He is so enthusiastic even if the loud clapping of thunder that accompanies it, scares him. When he hears it coming, he would excitedly scurry to our window, pull back the curtain and stand on tiptoe just to see them drop. With unmistakable sparkle in his eyes, he'd stare and stare and stare. Most of the times, he'd let out a happy shriek. It does give him a high in spirits. The simple joys of a child. Priceless.

Now back to hubby’s suggestion.

After a momentary hesitation, I said: “I think he’s still too young. Maybe when…” When what? 2? 3? Maybe 5 y/o?

Would I really want Matt to run around and risk getting colds? Am I willing to concede and let my son enjoy a day under the rain. It really sounds lovely.

But again. How about acid rain? I actually Wikied it. But is there really such a thing?

You know, I’ve had my share of rain baths when I was young. Totally awesome to the young. But Matt. I’m not really sure I want to give him that experience.

Hello. Hello..! on me. Son is not grains of salt or sack of sugar. He’s not gonna melt.

But that’s not the end of it. Not too long had passed, after that conversation with my better half, when my mother came in our room. She’s smiling and teasing my son (and I quote verbatim), “C’mon Matt, do you want to take a bath, in the rain?

I couldn’t believe my ears. My mother. Of all people. I didn’t ask, but she must be kidding. I know she must be kidding.

What do you think? Yes no? Yes? No? Yes. Ahh, no. Yes. No. Maybe yes. No, maybe not. Yes? It cannot possibly harm the kids, right? I mean I see a lot of kids playing in the rain.

So would you let your kids bathe in the rain?


grace said...

Only if I get to play soaking wet too!
seriously, yes why not? I think rain in CDO is still ok and we used to do that when we were kids right?
...or at least I did! we'd get naked and run outside when it rains!!

bingkat said...

Not at their age now, maybe 4 yrs. up can. I love to play under the rain too but i hate sicknesses especially on my children. That will be a whole night of being awake.

Hello naids, di nako mahurot ug basa imong blog...but I will be an additional to your avid reader.

ZAM said...

thanks again..B & G..that's B-bvlgari and G-gucci..heheh..salamat sa comments..

re rain: I sure did enjoy rain baths.. mmm, sounds even romantic.. heheh.. kuyaw lang lagi sa ug magsakit..psanginlan raba dayon ang ulan...heheh..kung motingog pa lang ang ulan.. mosiyagit na cguro, AKO NA SAB!!! lol

grace said...

jokera nimo naida oi!!
Sige mao na among code name ni bibing!!