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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why do I blog thee

A male friend of mine thinks that like lipsticks, blogging and friendster-ing are a girl thing.

I just smiled. And didn't say anything to contradict or affirm his theory. And we moved on talking about other issues.

But I didn't quite forget about that comment. I was not offended or anything but I didn't forget about that.


I have yet to thank my husband for starting it all. (But then didn't I already thank him here?).

He did sort of pave the way - my way to blogging.

He surprised me, one day, when he asked me to check out on this. He said, it's something he made for our son. It must have been his way to deal with the loneliness of not being able to see us -his family everyday.

But to me, it looked more than that. It's a gesture of love.

Hubby would post pictures of dear Matt (which i previously sent him) and add captions (which I'd sometimes edit) there.

Sometimes, I would insert posts and adjust the dates.

Later on, I began entertaining the idea of signing up for a new one, where I could freely pour my thoughts out. Without messing up with the one hubby made for our son.

It actually became another mode to bridge the distance to my husband, who works away from home. For him to get a picture of what's happening at home
. Or to get the story straight from the (mother) horse's mouth.

As well as my therapy.


michele said...

If you want to join the blogging chicks blogroll, I need your email address.

grace said...

Hi naids, I think blogging is indeed a girl thing. The minds of men is not used to doing documentaries of their lives...most men do not consider writing to be therapy too.

Who told you the first line by the way?