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Friday, July 20, 2007

Tagged: Weird things about me..

Was tagged by G to post six weird stuffs about me, and here goes my list.

I am....

  • Missus Total Recall. There are things I can remember down to the tiniest detail. Strangely enough, there are also important things that, without my meaning to and just when it matters, slip out of my mind.
  • Missus Strapless. I like wearing strapless xxxs. The catch is I like snapping them in place AFTER I've donned on the top. I have yet to, maybe, thank the designers for coming up with the strapless kind, because I always have the option to sneak them underneath after I put on a top.

So, when you add #1 and #2, you get total disaster. That's right! I'm so Missus Misses and I have gone out more than 3x already, sans these trimmings. Once to church and more than twice to work.

These are statistics which I cannot really be too proud of, because in the Philippines , like in most Asian countries, wearing a xxx is a must-do. You can only imagine the attention you’d be getting if you fail to do that. And unless you purposely want to draw all that attention to yourself, you would really feel embarrassed.

So help me remind my Missus Misses self to snap the xxx on right after donning the top and not a moment later.

  • Missus HAND. I like to hand wash my clothes. I insist. We used to have a washing machine but I was never able to use it. Ever. Not ONCE. I haven’t really learned to use it at all.

And then, I also like to do it all by myself. Letting other people do my laundry doesn’t sit well with me. I still feel that way now, even if we have cleaners who come by our house to do the laundry once week. I still wash some of my clothes (although I have relinquished some heavy stuff like my pants and jackets because washing them proves to be so time-consuming and energy-sapping) and all of my son’s, too (if my mother hasn't gotten to it first..hehe).

But when doing the laundry, I never mix mine with my son's. I just don’t.

  • Missus HANDYMAN. I know how to use the following: screwdrivers, pliers, Allen wrenches, shears, crowbars, shovels and...uhm, my imagination (joke!). I dig repairing than buying, especially toys which my son always, always has the knack of disassembling.

As expected, I linger in home and do-it-yourself shops more than in clothes/shoes/personal effects stores or the grocery. I am just so fascinated with the interesting goods you find there that time seems to fly so fast when I'm inside these shops.

  • So by now, you might have faint idea that I could be Missus HAND-ish. I do have a hand fetish. I like looking at long and slender fingers. Working hands. Mine are stubby and unappealing though. But my husband’s are nice, the exact opposite of mine and that gave him enough plus points.
  • Missus Rock and Blues. For someone who loves the music of Linkin Park, Evanescence, Nirvana, Metallica and other rockin'&rollin' bands like you- and me, you’d think I must be out of my mind to also love mellow, sappy songs.
  • I’d like to think I’m Missus ORGANIZED. Other people think so, too. Or maybe seemingly organized. But I honestly can be vainly and painfully organized. Because if I don't try to plan ahead or put things in their proper order, I'm more inclined to fret and fidget. So, it's actually more for my peace of mind than anything else. But my bag, check my bag, because, it is so so far from orderly.
That's all folks! Maybe I am so, so, so... But lemme tell you, I'm happily so!

Now, I'm tagging no one in particular but if you'd like to do this too, fire away! Aww, on second thought, to my friend Bvlgari,
if you want to do this, consider yourself tagged.

Happy weekend everyone!


bing said...

Next saturday naids...or basta next week...huna hunaon sa nako if weird ko...hehehe

ZAM said...

ok bing