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Saturday, July 07, 2007

bad, bad, very, very, verrrry bad Papa

I was in the kitchen busy doing motherly duties, when I heard a news bit from the sala* TV that had me frozen to the bones.

With a mind of their own, my elephantsy feet brought reluctant me standing next to my father who was silently and attentively watching the evening news.

The news anchor said that the (prime suspect) father of the three-year-old girl who was found afloat on a creek, lifeless and bearing numerous stab wounds, was already found admitting to the commission of the crime.

That had me goose-pimply all over. Disgusting despicable father. killed. his innocent daughter. Eerie. Really, really unsettling news.

I just felt so sick in the stomach while listening to that horrid item.

With gloom in my heart and a little seed of hate directed toward that evil of a person, I resolutely walked back to washing my son's clothes. Without a doubt, the smell and feel of detergent in the sudsy water would dispel these unwanted emotions away.

So didn't I tell you I just hate, hate watching news these days?

sala - living room


bing said...

Na mao gyud Naids, wala na lain i news kundi mga killing, accident na modulot sa unod kung pamation...kami dugay na wala ga TV, puro DVD (cartoons and Barney)...pag tired na listening to Christian songs na pod.

ZAM said...

Good mawnin!

maypa lagi barney ug sesame st...

musta dra?

bing said...

Ok lng, as usual, kulong na pod sa kuwarto, bantay sa duha ka bata then pag natulog na sila, time to move na pod then wait for hubby to come home...haayyyy buhay! Pero ok lng, enjoy man pod sa kakulitan sa mga kids.

sandierpastures said...

hoy! ga-chat na mong duha diri ha!
Naids, that is why we have no TV in the house, walay pulos ang mga balita karon..maau nang sa internet kay mapili nimo imong basahon...

ZAM said...

lagi chat room galore anyone...wala man gud ko chatboard okay lang kani nlang..hehehe