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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm glad that finally I was able to organize my prized possessions, which I've been dumping in my sister's territory for what seemed to be the longest time (making me, by some degree, the next-to-major contributor to the mess, which my mother kept on complaining about, in her room).

BTW, these so-called prized possessions are little toys that may be interesting yet hazardous to a curious toddler. Generally, these are aka men's toys. Generally.

So with every intent to neatly stash these toys out of the sight and reach of that toddler and to satisfy my order-freak self, I bought myself a must-have toolbox last Thursday. Finally.

A real toolbox.

It has taken me quite a long time to buy one because I wanted to make sure
it will be a best-buy.

I would honestly have preferred a Stanley but found none that appeal to my eccentric taste.

Anyway, I believe, this is at par to any Stanley. And I know this would suffice.

My prized loot: wires, screwdrivers, tie-wraps, bolts and nuts and whatnots.

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