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Friday, July 06, 2007

About Fireworks#1

I've seen people come and go, people in my company come and go, friends come and go. There's not much issue on the coming, it's the going and going away at that, that's much harder to get in terms with sometimes.

I've heard much of people in my company, people who are also my friends going away, especially this past few weeks. They are going away, moving on to higher grounds, to greater opportunities.

And I truly am happy for them, even ecstatic for some. How can I not be when it only means...ummm,
having friends to lend you bigger bucks now. Seriously though, sometimes it really feels that their success is also relatively mine. So when I say I'm happy for them, I truly, truly mean it.

But you can actually call me happy-sad. Sad because the thought of people leaving is not really pleasant. How can being left behind be pleasant at all?
It can only be when these people annoy you to no end. So you gladly smile and heave a sigh of relief that they're getting off your back, at last. *Smirk* But people leaving such as friends, not the fair-weather kind can be disheartening, disconcerting, or worse, maybe harrowing at times.

Sometimes, you go through a moment of denial before learning to accept that you just have to let butterflies fly, no matter how fond you are to keep them to yourself. However reluctantly.

Even then, when you really have accepted to let go, you also find yourself clinging to memories, albeit too tightly.

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