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Saturday, July 21, 2007

wedding bells

We’ve received one very wonderful news at so late last night. My brother –the eldest among all sibs- will be getting married real soon. Finally. And that makes him the second to get married in our family (the first is obviously yours truly).

It hasn’t quite sank in yet. But then we know that this kind of news really takes some time to actually sink in. No matter how ready you seem to be to hear it.

Definitely, we’ve all been waiting to hear something like this from him. And we, all of us who are already in the know, are very very delighted and excited to hear this latest development in his life. My parents. My sister AJ. Maybe my son is too, judging from his latest pre-occupation of calling out “Tito Mike, Tito Mike, microphone” (whatever that means) many times (actually, that's everyday since last week).

Boy, I’m just so glad he’s deciding to get hitched at last. He’s been putting it in the sideline for quite sometime now. For awhile there, I have been a little concerned that, with him so busy taking care of a flourishing career in the military, he might end up missing out on something wonderful as starting a family.

Hearing wedding bells always brings me such a high in spirits! Another fireworks ey? And gun salutes, too.

1 comment:

grace said...

Congrats! I want to attend some wedding because that will give me an excuse to travel to Phil or Japan again! - my brother and M's brother both have plans but no definite date yet!