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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

no fireworks, but still a good news

I've long lost taste watching news on TV.

Wanting to keep abreast with current events is a good thing.

I'm just not sure if I can say that to the news I'm mostly getting these days. I really feel I'm not getting much news, positive news on TV (at least not in this side of the globe). Except kidnapping, terrorism, murders, drug syndicate and corruption. And there's still a dispute over a senatorial seat. Arrgh. Excuse me, I'm going to puke.

But honestly, I easily get affected with what I see on TV.

But two, three days ago, I saw some light in a dark tunnel. Although there's, still, no fireworks but a local TV network held a nationwide job fair. Commendable.

And I think that's just nearest thing of getting fireworks in early July.

That's truly one great news to help our kababayan out of the economic rut. And cut down the 7.4% unemployment rate of this country (as of April 2007).


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