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Saturday, December 27, 2008

An Awesome Developer Contest

First of all, I want to greet everyone again a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope you had a wonderful get-together with your family and friends. So how was your Christmas celebration?

As for us, we had an enjoyable Christmas celebration – pretty tiring but then it’s all worth it (especially when I saw how Matt enjoyed watching the fireworks display around us). For the first time, we spent Christmas Eve with my husband’s family. And I’m happy that we all were able to attend the Christmas Eve Mass together (since my husband is rarely home, going to church together is always a joyous affair for me) and partake the traditional noche buena with his family and relatives.

Okay moving on… I’ve got news to tell –okay, this is apart from the happy fact that my son went diaperless without peeing on our bed. This Mama is just too happy (I always remind myself to take things easy –despite how difficult parenting is!-- and to celebrate little milestones in my son’s life!).

So okay my news is... there’s an online contest sponsored by IDUG for developers -students, professionals and hobbyists alike. This is to help increase awareness and familiarity with XQuery, XML and DB2. The contest has five separate tracks for developers of varying skill levels – but one can enter one track or all of the 5 tracks.

The tracks of this IDUG contest include: a Video Contest, where a participant needs upload a video; a Gadget Contest, where one creates a small widget or gadget; an XQuery Challenge, where a participant answer a series of questions by developing queries in Xquery; Port an Application, where one ports an existing application to use XML, XQuery or DB2; and lastly, develop an application, where a participant develops a brand new application using XML/ XQuery.


Friday, December 26, 2008

HaPpY HoLiDaYs

HAppy Holidays everyone! I hope your Christmas is a merry one.

Happy New Year too.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Time to Make a Wish

Little blinking lights abound all around town. Merry carols are sang and heard over the air. It’s the time of the year again – the time of cooler nights. It’s actually one of my favorites times of the year - despite the fact that it’s also one of the busiest times. I love Christmastime. Being a Christian, I am so happy in commemorating the birth of our Saviour.

I have the excitement of a child come December time. I actually feel like a child every Christmas –anticipating putting up the Christmas tree, decors and lights at home. I love to hear the happy chatter about Christmas - the happy merry sound of Christmas carols and the colorful decorations you see all around. I haven’t forgotten about Santa Claus – or the thought of sitting on his lap. *Smile* I haven’t forgotten about making a wish – or make it, wishes.

You got a wish, don't you? We can all make wishes everyday but it feels different when it’s Christmas time. Somehow, you have this eager anticipation that it’s gonna come true. (Oh I haven't stopped believing that wishes to come true.)

How about you? How do you feel about Christmas? Are you busy, busy now? I understand though that sometimes going through the “December rush” can sometimes be stressful. And especially in a time of crisis, I could just imagine (but okay, let’s not get into that…hehe).

Anyway, there’s a Christmas contest online called Sit on Santas Lap Experience, where wishes are granted everyday ($500 worth!). If you’re a resident of the United States and/or Washington D.C and at least 18 years of age, All you gotta do is log on, upload a picture of you (funny, cute, nostalgic or whatevs but it will be displayed on the CEIVA digital frame Santa is holding on his lap), make a wish and share your family and friends. Too easy, ey?

So what are you waiting for? Visit for more info. Goodluck and happy holidays!


Sunday, December 07, 2008

Pacquiao Wins Against Dela Hoya

Woot! Woot! I'm so giddy with excitement!

Pacquiao once again has proven how formidable an opponent he is, by putting Dela Hoya on the defensive side and eventually winning his fight against him.

I just couldn't believe the strength and power of this man on the boxing arena. Congratulations to the greatest Filipino boxer of all time - Manny Pacman!

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Something About My Name

Took this fun test/game online about finding what's sexy in a name. *chuckle*

Actually, I'm autoposting this and without funfare, here's the result.

What's Sexy About Your Name

You are sexy because you are a challenge. You don't play hard to get... you are hard to get.

You aren't very focused on love or sex. For you, career goals come first.

So while you are successful and attractive, you hardly ever notice who's pursuing you.

You're wary about entering relationships... which just makes people want you more.

When you finally do decide to be with someone, you are deeply committed.

You work as hard on your relationship as you do anything else. Success is important to you.

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Free Initial Tee

If you haven't been to ParentReviewers before, drop by there and check out the cool reviews in the site. They are also giving freebies away.

The latest giveaway is a cool Initial Tee from Tote and Tee.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Catcha Later

Life's been busy at my end. I haven't written so much here and I guess, like my other blogs, I've ran out of autopublished posts already. Yes, that's right, almost all of my posts in my blogs are autopublished. I thrive in this function.

Anyway, I've been very busy with work. I can rarely sneak out for some computer time! Can you believe that! A couple of months ago, I wouldn't have known how to say this line. I didn't imagine this happening -because I always have a little free time in the office. But times have changed -and bosses changes in a dynamic organization like ours. I have a new boss and our team is down to 4 personnel now. And the work is increasing by the day...but again, I will not complain. At least I have work.

I actually needed to do some tasks lately for my son's upcoming birthday but I haven't even started doing that. So busy was I that I haven't even answered some mails. Gosh, that was rude I believe but that's just how it is these days. When I go home, I no longer turn on our PC like I used to do before - because I wanted to be a mother to my son even for few hours only before we doze off to sleep.

And sleep, I had enough of these days (and at the right time). Because I had to stick to my son until he sleeps, and then despite planning to wake up to finish some chores while Matt sleeps, I usually end up sleeping straight and waking in the morning instead! Too tired maybe. I can only smile.

So when you see my son wearing his orange waterproof trousers for a month straight, don't be too surprised. It only means Mama is too busy to tend to the laundry!. :-). :-)

And yes about those unanswered mails, if it was one of yours, consider this an apology. As my son keeps on saying, I'll have to say "Catcha later" too.

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Monday, November 03, 2008

Entertainment Meme

Cartoon when you were a kid: Tom and Jerry

Disney movie: I have a kid so tell me about it, I'm watching Disney movies at home always.

Last movie you saw at the theaters: It's a Brad Pitt movie, I'm sure. Mr and Mrs Smith, I think. I rarely go out now. I watch movies in the office or at home!

Last movie you rented: Can't remember. That was ages ago!

Last CD bought: Make it DVD. It's the Avatar.

Next CD to buy: SpongeBob Square Pants

Band: Savage Garden, Aerosmith, Linkin Park, Evanescence...a lot!

Favorite Actress: Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Meg Ryan, Calista Flockhart

Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington, Robert Redford, George Clooney, Russel Crowe, Bruce Willis, Wentworth Miller, Brad Pitt

Favorite Male singer: right now they would be: Josh Groban, Robbie Williams, Bryan Adams, Kenny Rogers

Favorite Female Singer: Vonda Shepard, Sheryl Crow, Sarah Mclachlan, Natasha Bedingfield, Charice Pempengco

Favorite song at the moment: Home by Chris Daughtry

Worst song right now: Some I'm not sure of the titles

Song with the most meaning: Angels

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Number Am I?

It's one of those fun, fun tests online. My result sounds true but let's just say it's too generic to be believable. *smile*

Anyhow, I had fun answering the questions.

You Are 2: The Helper

You always put on a happy face and try to help those around you.

You're incredibly empathetic and care about everyone you know.

Able to see the good in others, you're thoughtful, warm, and sincere.

You connect with people who are charming and charismatic.

At Your Best: You are deeply giving, altruistic, and humble. You devote your life to others while caring for yourself too.

At Your Worst: You are manipulative and enjoy making other people guilty.

Your Fixation: Rejection

Your Primary Fear: Being unworthy of love

Your Primary Desire: To be loved unconditionally

Other Number 2's: Mother Teresa, John Travolta, Princess Diana, Dr. Phil, and Mr. Rogers.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Britney's Womanizer Vid

Have you seen it?

I have seen it last week - thanks to an officemate. :-)

So Mama Britney is definitely back with a super duper teasing video. Much leaner, I think she looks better on-screen now. I'm not much a fan though.

In the video, La Bambi Britney plays sexier roles of your dreams i.e an officegirl who lapdances her way to your heart, a waitress who can give "other services..." To be honest, I'm not really too impressed except that I believe she looks better there. BUT my male officemates thought she's sexier and hotter than ever!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Meme Me

What are you wearing right now? Pants and shirt

What is right next to you? My phone

What was the last thing you ate? Empanada

Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? Anywhere as long as I'm having it with my husband

How is the weather right now? Sunny

What did you do last night? I slept and surfed the net

Who is the person you talk to the most on the phone? My husband

How are you today? I'm feeling great

Height? 4'11

Do you wear contacts? No

Do you have siblings? If yes, how many? Yes I have 4.

How do you see yourself in 5 years from now? More successful and happier as a bee

What are your goals right now? To be where God wants me to be.

Who are the funniest people you know? My husband and some friends.

Are you too shy to ask someone out? Maybe.

If you could change your name what would it be? No I wouldn't want that. Once is enough (change by marriage)

Worst sickness you ever had? None, thanks God!

What is your first daughter’s name going to be? Will have to think and decide on that.

What is your first son’s name going to be? I already have a son and one of his names is Matt.

Do you like scary or happy movies better? Definitely, happy

Who is the fastest to respond to your tags? Not sure.

Your Location? Workplace

Memory you would like to forget? None but ask me later and I might change my mind.

Last time you cried: A month or two ago.

Last time you laughed: A couple of hours ago.

Tomorrow’s Agenda: Sleep

Ironic thing: That some things are hard to forget -and others which are more important are easily forgotten.

Longest Relationship: Hubster

Best Relationship: My Kid

Worst Relationship: My Kid

Person who makes you smile: There's not just one...

Person who makes you wanna puke: Make it persons. Some government officials.

Favorite person at work: My computer

Crush: Wentworth Miller, Brad Pitt and my husband.

ON GUYS, FOR GIRLS TO FILL OUT (for girls only)

Boxers or briefs: Boxer briefs - it's a cross of the two and I buy this for the Hubster always.

Tall or short: Tall

Six pack or muscular arms: Muscular arms.

Good or bad guy: Good guy. But there was a time when I used to get attracted to bad guys.

Tan or fair: Either

Stubble or neatly shaved: Neatly shaved

Rugged or sporty: Sporty

Studly or cutie: Both

Shy or outgoing: Both

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Nine #5

Saturday 9: You Wear It Well

1. What are your favorite shoes? Now? It's Crocs. Or an equally comfortable footwear.

2. What does your favorite shirt or blouse look like? It's nothing outrageous. And I like well-pressed shirts.

3. What does your favorite tee shirt say on it? I'll put what I'm wearing now. It's M A N G O

4. Do you think you look better in casual or business attire? I'm not sure. But I am most comfortable in casual wear. Or nothing.

5. What do you sleep in? PJs

6. Do you wear expensive sneakers? No. I'm a cheapskate.

7. What is your favorite hat? I don't wear hats. I rarely wear baseball caps, too.

8. Your preference for men: Boxers or briefs? Nothing...este, boxer briefs.

9. Your preference for women: Suits or dresses? Dresses.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #9


1. Follow the husband! *Whaaaat? I can't hear you.*

2. Money is something I always take with me on vacation. *There's always souvenirs to buy*

3. To achieve your goals, you must plan and act on the plan. *I believe in prayers, too*

4. A little of my plain and boring simple life is something I'd like you to know about me.

5. I have a wonderful family. *I wonder if they can say that about me*

6. Love floats. *owwws*

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to coming home and having my son in my arms, tomorrow my plans include bumming around and Sunday, I want to get enough rest!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Toot #2

My working sked has changed! When before I work early, afternoon and graveyard shifts, I mostly work on regular shift (830AM to 530PM) now and then afternoon and graveyard shifts sometimes.

Another change is my restdays -before I have Sun-Mon as days off but now it's no longer constant. For two weeks, I'll be on Wed-Thur off, then Sun-Mon and on other weeks, the offs are Fri-Sat.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Nine

Saturday 9: Return to Sender

1. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it? Letter? *scratching the head* Uhm, must be ages ago. Okay, does card count? :-)

2. Can you change the oil on a car? No. Actually I haven't tried it.

3. Name three things you have on you at all times. Shirt, undies and footwear. Lol

4. What’s your life motto? The only thing that's permanent in this world is change. That doesn't sound like a motto so ask me in the next minute and I'd give another answer....change...yup!

5. What’s a word that you say a lot? Hello. And said in many different ways!

6. What were you doing at midnight last night? Snoring Sleeping.

7. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? My hair needs some fixin! Badly!

8. Who is your worst enemy? Myself.

9. What does your watch look like? I don't have any. Errr... *looking around* alright I no longer use the watch that dear husband gave me as anniversary gift.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #8


1. One of the best concerts/plays/movies I ever saw that I really didn't think I'd like was The Atlantis.

2. A..uhmm.. sorry I can't remember is a recipe I recently made (or meal I recently ordered) that was delicious!

3. It's time for Friday Fill-ins!.

4. Bossa Nova music is quite refreshing.

5. If I never hear the word money again, it'll be too soon. Lol

6. To one side of the curving road was a dense forest, and on the other was a cliff overlooking the deep blue sea. *smile*

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleeping long, tomorrow my plans include reading and Sunday, I want to capture more photos!

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

PPP Reviewers Getting Sloppy?

I'm not sure it it's just me or other bloggers experienced having their posts rejected because PPP reviewers made a mistake. I've been doing work for PPP for a year now and it was only lately that I observed more of this inaccuracies. I actually saw this review mistakes for like five times -or more- already in the past couple of months. Makes me think if their reviewers are new - if they are, I could very well excuse the mistakes. But if they're not, I'm just ready to hear their excuse.

Anyway, being a believer of the feedback system or maybe I just love to complain, I send tickets to Customer Love always. In fairness, my concerns are properly answered.

Now the recent blunder a reviewer made so irked me because I made the revision (as specified) only to be sent another review remark (second) telling me it is disapproved (again) and that I will not be able to resubmit this particular post because it violates their Terms of Service in regards to Frequency of Posts. Isn't that great? Naturally, I contacted Love again.

And here's the reply I got:

Hi Zenaida,

Thanks for reaching out to us. I apologize for the frustration with this. If it helps at all, this subject was the very one that was communicated to all the reviewers this morning. You are absolutely correct that ALL review issues should be listed in a rejection notice so that more than one notice is not necessary.

Hopefully, your specific example will help to d(r)ive this point home and you('ll) not be inconvenienced in this way in the future.

All the Best,


So there. At least, it's good to know that we're all getting somewhere here. And I can only hope that the feedback system I so believe in will bring improvements for everyone - including me!

Note: In italics- corrections made by me

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #7


1. October 2008 will soon become a history..

2. Mosquitoes scare me!

3. Leaves are falling all around, it's called FALL because of that.

4. My favorite horror movie is Mickey's Christmas Carol because it's the only scary movie I can watch over and over again. Oh ya, my mistake- it's not a scary movie but I'm driving home a message. :-)

5. Vacations = good memories.

6. It was a dark and stormy night when the kid went to the forest...yaddi, yadda. It's one of those impromptu bedtime stories I tell to my son.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleeping, tomorrow my plans include spending time with my kid and Sunday, I want to spend more time with him!

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My Heart Will Go On

This is Verb's theme song these days.

My heart will go on, despite the fact that Verb's PR plummeted to a big round value after Giiggle's PR update. *grin*

Life has to go on.

My blogging has to go on - with or without a PR! It doesn't really matter.

Having said all that, here's Charice Pempengco's rendition of Celine Dion's hit song My Heart Will Go On. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tuesday Toot #1

I'd put in three toots, hoots, whatever today.

First toot. I'm joining the Tuesday Toot Meme for the first time. Yay! *smile*

The next one would be a little of a downer. I've lost my PR. =( It's a big round-Oh for me. But hey, that's fine. I had fun while I had my PR. Besides, it's not as if that's all there is to blogging.

And the third one is I've been a little preoccupied learning the ropes of my new lens , which I got very recently. Love it so far.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Manic Monday

Here's one of those fun churva-tests you can find online. And it says I'm... :-)

You Are 46% Manic

You are definitely super charged, and your energy is infectious!

Your mania is something to be proud of. You wouldn't be you without it.

Just make sure not to give into that self destructive streak of yours.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008


As I’ve said before, everyone has his/her place online (it is not called the World Wide Web for nothing!). So whether you’re male, female, single, happily married or separated, annulled, divorced, black or white, Christians or non-Christians, it simply doesn’t matter. It also doesn’t matter if you’re gay and happy. But if you are gay and happy you may want to check the Florida Lesbians site. Then, tell us all about it.

****This site is strictly a mainstream site and has absolutely No adult content. This site was built in good taste to provide a place for women in this lifestyle to meet and chat. If you are still offended by this opportunity, please do not select it****

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #6

Friday Fill-Ins #91

1. Care-free days are some of the things I'm most looking forward to in October.

2. Sometimes I doubt my sanity! *chuckle*

3. We never know what the future may bring and that's why there is a saying, "never say never"!

4. When I'm down, I sing.

5. At home is where you'll find me most often.

6. A rainy day is good for the barren heart. *grin*

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to reading random stuffs, tomorrow my plans include testing my new lens and Sunday, I want to test my lens some more!

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Phone Lookup?

Are you in need to make a reverse phone lookup? Do you want to:

- confirm the source of a prank call;
- check an unknown number on your phone bill;
- locate loved ones or friends;
- or find out the caller of a missed call;

Then you definitely need to make a reverse phone look up. But no sweat, if you're in the US, you could simply do a National Phone Search using a hassle-free database. Just click the link on how to do this.


I’m so happy (despite having spent some hard earned cash enough to pay for a month-long gasoline supply).

Yesterday, I received a call from a staff of a camera shop informing me that the prime lens I ordered is already available in their shop. Haay, after more than three weeks of waiting, the lens has finally arrived. I ordered this lens because it is cheap. Second, I want to try doing more portrait shots, hoping to learn more about photography in the process. For an amateur like me, it is a good steal. I am also planning to bring this lens in our upcoming vacation.

It was absolutely hard to contain my excitement so after work yesterday, I immediately proceeded to the mall where their shop is located. After the initial tests, I paid for the lens. While waiting for my purchase, the staff (who called and whom I already befriended through time) informed me that they have an available lens hood for the kit lens I have. This lens hood is hard to find these days –at least in this city. So after thinking about it for few minutes, I decided to add it to my purchase.

In the pretext of checking other camera models, I walked away from this staff and moved to the other side of the showroom (but this I purposely did for fear that he might mention another item which I would eventually be tempted to buy. lol.). Later did I realize that that was not a too brilliant idea. Why? As I was checking stuffs at the front part of the room, I spotted a camera bag that looks perfect to me. Very much like what these red Lowe Alpine rucksacks are doing to me at this very moment, its red color mercilessly teased and seduced me. In the end, horribly giving in to the temptation, I picked it up and brought it to the counter! But that bag is truly irresistible.

Going home empty-pocketed but not empy-handed, I shamefully realized that I failed economy-wise. But I'm happy and I believe it's money well spent.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Charice Sings In Celine Dion's Concert

Despite admitting her nervousness, she had performed very well. I really love this girl. Happy Wednesday!

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Identify It

Have you been bugged by a telephone call (or series of telephone calls) that you have not been able to identify its source?

Sometimes, there are pranksters who get their kicks in randomly dialing telephone numbers in the dead of the night. Have you ever experience this?

Share it online. Visit Caller Identifier and help identify these unwanted calls or even stop pranksters.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kick Ass...

Maiylah gave me this KickAss B bling that made my heart turn into butter. ;-) I'm not sure if I deserve to be called a kickass blogger but I so appreciate the thought. Thanks Mai!


Do you know any bloggers that kick ass?

Maybe they've got incredible, original content. Or they're overflowing with creativity. Is it someone that helps you become a better blogger? Or a bloggy friend you know you can count on? Or maybe it's someone who simply inspires you to be a better person... or someone else who sends you to the floor, laughing your ass off.

Whatever the reason may be, I'm sure you know at least a couple of bloggers that kick ass. Well... why not tell 'em so?

  • Choose 5 bloggers that you feel are "Kick Ass Bloggers"
  • Let 'em know in your post or via email, twitter or blog comments that they've received an award
  • Share the love and link back to both the person who awarded you and back to
  • Hop on back to the Kick Ass Blogger Club HQ to sign Mr. Linky then pass it on!

Anyway, I'm passing this to Chuck, Regina, Jae, Melanie and Grace.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Recap 2

Because the world wide web really is too big, everyone can have their little space, nook and cranny in it.

So have you seen this place, specifically, this virtual space where Christian Women and Men can meet and chat? In case you ‘re in the mood for some good chats, check this room out.

My Stripper Song Is...

It's Closer from Nine Inch Nails, ladies and gentlemen.

I certainly don't feel like stripping to this song. But hey, that's what this fun game said. So, as my son would say, nothing personal (despite the fact that stripping is soooo personal)!

Your Stripper Song Is

Closer by Nine Inch Nails

"You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you

You let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you

Help me I broke apart my insides, help me I've got no

Soul to tell"

When you dance, it's a little scary - and a lot sexy.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Have you visited the chatrooms I mentioned previously? If you have not done that yet, that’s fine with me. Now in case you missed the series of chatrooms I mentioned before, I’ll run a recap now. There’s one for everyone: Asians, Christians, Bikers, BBW, Goths and even Jewish Singles. Find the room that suits you now.

Saturday Nine #5

Saturday 9: Would You Take Them Back?

1. Think of all your exes. Would you take any of them back? No, definitely not.

2. What was the first car you drove? What happened to it? It's a company van that my father used to drive when he was still working. I think it's already in a junkyard now.

3. What’s the longest amount of time you have driven a car non-stop? More than an hour, less than 3

4. Have you ever been stood up on a date? If yes, when? No.

5. What TV network do you watch the most? Cartoon Network (because I have a cute boss at home)

6. Pick out a song you like that has special meaning to you. Share with us what song is it, and what’s the meaning to you.

Because I miss my husband now.

7. Who was your first celebrity crush on? I can't remember the first...ah I remember now. It's Corey Haim (Prayer of the Rollerboys).

8. What is your favorite romantic comedy movie? My Bestfriend's Wedding, Notting Hill, 50 First Dates...and a lot more. I really couldn't decide.

9. It has been said, "First Loves Are Never Over." Is this true for you? No, not at all.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Review ZA domains or sites

Have you been visiting some South African (ZA) domains or sites? Or is your site part of the ZA domains? Check if these sites you're visiting is listed in the Top South African Website.

Now do you want to review these sites –or even yours? As I’ve said in my previous post, gives their users a chance to make a review –globally. It’s so easy to do. All you need is visit the site and submit a generic review form and that’s that. For more of User Website Reviews, please visit the link.

Friday Fill-Ins #5

Friday Fill-Ins #90

1. There is no need to remind me I'm forgetful because that is the only thing I will not forget. :-)

2. Where in the heck did the days go?

3. To breathe is all I managed to do.

4. Prospects for marriage? No, I am not looking. :-)

5. Love is the message.

6. Simplicity and tranquility are two of the things I'm aiming for.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to having a quiet evening, tomorrow my plans include cleaning and Sunday, I want to bond with my son!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Want to review a site?

Want to review a website? It may be your site or someone else’s. Talkreviews offers a proper venue for User Website Reviews and gives their users an opportunity to review websites all around the world. Yes, globally. So if you want to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to a site, what better way than to post a review about it. You can check the Top Websites from there too.

LP: Ginintuan


Bigay ng kaibigan kong si Grace, ang souvenir na ito ay galing Dubai. Buti pa cya o, likod pa lang ginto na!

Translation: This souvenir from Dubai is a gift from my friend Grace.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Checking Wisconsin

I found interesting trivia about Wisconsin this afternoon:

Producing more milk than any other state in the USA, Wisconsin is the dairy capital of the United States.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is home of Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

Green Bay, Wisconsin's oldest city is the Toilet Paper Capital of the World.

With these, I gather it must be interesting to live in the Wisconsin area. But how safe is it in Wisconsin? Are there criminals i.e sex offenders living in the area? If you live in Wisconsin, you might want to check how safe your neighborhood and Locate Wisconsin Sex Offenders, if there is any. Just click the link.

I'm 25 Years Old, Thank You

I'm 25. Whoa! Oh well, this is what it says down here. But really, I just turned 31 yesterday.

You Act Like You Are 25 Years Old

You are a twenty-something at heart. You feel like an adult, and you're optimistic about life.

You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

You're still figuring out your place in the world and how you want your life to shape up.

The world is full of possibilities, and you can't wait to explore many of them.

Seen from Foster Me Up.

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Protect Yourself Part 3

Let me quote:

Megan's Law is a federal bill that requires that the public to be kept informed of sexual predators and their whereabouts.

I always believe there is power in knowing. I also believe that in knowing, you can save yourself from the hazards of ignorance (which may cost you your life). So take the first step in protecting yourself. Stay informed. Do a regular Sexual Predator Search in your area.

Anxiety Test

I took the anxiety test at Queendom today and here's the result.
Existential Anxiety
Your score on this scale was quite low, indicating that you are generally satisfied with life and are able to handle the fact that there are things beyond your control. You likely feel pretty good about yourself on the whole, and don't experience a debilitating amount of worry over the future. Individuals with this profile are typically able to find some kind of meaning in their lives, which alleviates the occasional feeling of futility. You may have the rare flashes of existential anxiety from time to time but are able to get a grip on them before they send you on a downward spiral. This positive outlook certainly has a profound effect on the way you view the world and your role in it.
Truth is, I'm honestly surprise that I am only 16/100 anxious. I've expected to get about 50 or 60 but it says I'm 16. Unbelievable! Lol.

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