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Friday, September 26, 2008


I’m so happy (despite having spent some hard earned cash enough to pay for a month-long gasoline supply).

Yesterday, I received a call from a staff of a camera shop informing me that the prime lens I ordered is already available in their shop. Haay, after more than three weeks of waiting, the lens has finally arrived. I ordered this lens because it is cheap. Second, I want to try doing more portrait shots, hoping to learn more about photography in the process. For an amateur like me, it is a good steal. I am also planning to bring this lens in our upcoming vacation.

It was absolutely hard to contain my excitement so after work yesterday, I immediately proceeded to the mall where their shop is located. After the initial tests, I paid for the lens. While waiting for my purchase, the staff (who called and whom I already befriended through time) informed me that they have an available lens hood for the kit lens I have. This lens hood is hard to find these days –at least in this city. So after thinking about it for few minutes, I decided to add it to my purchase.

In the pretext of checking other camera models, I walked away from this staff and moved to the other side of the showroom (but this I purposely did for fear that he might mention another item which I would eventually be tempted to buy. lol.). Later did I realize that that was not a too brilliant idea. Why? As I was checking stuffs at the front part of the room, I spotted a camera bag that looks perfect to me. Very much like what these red Lowe Alpine rucksacks are doing to me at this very moment, its red color mercilessly teased and seduced me. In the end, horribly giving in to the temptation, I picked it up and brought it to the counter! But that bag is truly irresistible.

Going home empty-pocketed but not empy-handed, I shamefully realized that I failed economy-wise. But I'm happy and I believe it's money well spent.

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1 comment:

Adri said...

LOL sometimes we do not really need the sales staff to sell stuff... we just need to want that very certain camera bag!