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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Charice Pempengco to sing with Celine Dion

Charice is set to join Celine Dion in her upcoming live performance at the Madison Square Garden (part of her World Tour 2008).

Wooot! I am really, really so proud of this girl. Oh how I wish to have - even just a little of that powerful and mesmerizing voice of hers. :-)

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soleil said...

Aw, I saw this on Oprah yesterday and it made me cry just a little. I'm so happy for that girl, that she's going to sing with Celine. That's so cool!!

Chuckie said...

that is cool! have you heard that jeff dunham is going to be in LA in Jan? i'll be "stepping in" to my new body so i can dress up and knock'em dead. yeah, you need to come watch my vid. *lovies* (No Kidding)