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Monday, September 08, 2008

Sweet Torture

If you personally know me, you’d know how much I love seafoods. Lobsters. Shrimps. Fish. Seaweeds. Squids. Oysters. Crabs. Name it and my stomach will be all for it.

Fried. Boiled. Sauteed. Grilled. Cook it any way you want, and rest assured that I’d still be all for it (and right at this minute, my mouth is watering with the mere mention of these things). There’s hardly a seafood dish I’ll snob – especially if its fresh (that’s why it’s always better to use locally produced seafoods because when fresh, the flavor is retained).

So anyway, tonight, when I viewed the entries of the five finalists of the 2008 Great American Seafood Cook-Off, I wanted to shout: TORTURE! It is indeed a torture to my palate to be presented with palate-appealing dishes but which I can only watch (until my eyes bulge) but not (able to) taste them. I would certainly love to try these dishes. What gastronomical pleasure it would have been if I could. already! *grin*

But without tasting each one, I have chosen a favorite. Actually, there are two recipes that I have chosen. The first one is the entry from Louisiana, the Shrimp and Andouille Cassoulet. From the looks of it, this dish by Chef Brian Landry must be so tasty (. If not for the chicken broth (by choice, I rarely eat poultry products), I wouldn’t have any objection if I were to eat this everyday. But I hope it would still taste good if I substitute chicken with beef broth. (Will it be okay, Chef Brian?)

And the other favorite is the Texas Gulf Shrimp. Isn’t it obvious that I have a thing for shrimps? Anyway, this dish from Chef Mark Holley looks scrumptious. I could almost taste its cheesy goodness. Yummmm…*swallowing saliva* (Haaaay, someone is so mean to me tonight!)

Do you wanna see these dishes (and their recipes) that I’m talking about? Visit this cook off. You could also vote for your favorite recipe and win a trip to New Orleans there.

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1 comment:

Chuckie said...

All I have to say is, I'm hungry now...You're a riot. "Snob" a seafood meal - that's some funny stuff right there. *lovies* p.s. sorry it's been so long. i put my focus on my writing and then we went on vaca, so here i am to say hi. have a great week.