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Sunday, July 08, 2007

hubby's health check

It's confirmed. Hubby has diastolic hypertension.

So that's what the doctor said to him last Saturday when we went to a clinic to have him checked (supposedly for blood sugar).

It means the diastolic value of his blood pressure (bp) is beyond normal (maybe for his age and weight). When you say your bp reading is, for example, 120/90, the value after the "over" is the diastolic. So in the example, it's 90. And the 120 is the systolic value of bp.

The doctor, however, did not prescribe any med for him. Not just yet, he said. At his early thirties, he feels hubby's still too young to be prescribed with "maintenance." With proper diet and regular exercise, he said, this condition may be controlled, with his bp brought at normal acceptable value. He hoped.

And I hoped, too.

Now, the ball is in hubby's hand.


bing said...

My husband has diastolic hypertension maintain sya before ug tambal and he is just 31. Now medyo ok na, with exercise in the morning and another in the evening (hehehe).

Anonymous said...

exercise diay hubby lacked in that department, i think...hehehe....but i hope he gets enuf exercise plus right diet

sandierpastures said...

Hoy, mga bashtosh!! hahaha kalingaw ani nga discussion!! My hubby is perfectly healthy and very slim... but I am not implying anything about an "exercise". =)

Anonymous said...


now that G mentioned..i'm starting to believe...that...the way to be healthy is to have the right exercise, and right amount of it...hahahah..

bashtosh na jud! basa raba sko vana vanana ani!lol.