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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fireworks # 1

We were already asked for our passports for VISA stamping by the Canadian Embassy.

Holy, holy cow! I just went stark-raving-mad.

Psssssss..Boom! Bang! Fireworks. Gee, I told you there'd be fireworks in July. And boy aren't they just loud. Pretty loud. And the smoke is making me almost teary-eyed.

But who cares, I'm happy, I'm ecstatic.. for my friend.

Blink, blink.

Yes, it's their passports. Theirs. Not ours. Owwwws.

But really, I was at a loss for words when I got that message from my friend, Che (who's also Matt's godmother and officemate before she's transferred to Ozamis late last year). Dumbfounded may even be the correct term.

And also floored because my son was perfecting one of his circus acts again, with the concentration and determination of a pro at the same time that I got the news. Or maybe my son felt he needed to do some crazy somersaulting in tune with the fireworks.

Or maybe the fireworks were meant for this heart-stopping circus act.

And I'm sure that there really are fireworks bursting in the sky at the other side of the globe, too. 4th-of-July fireworks.

But whatever.

It remains a fact that fireworks are now starting to rain from the sky.

Not really on me, on us but it's inching real closer to us.


grace said...

how many months did the processing take??

bing said...

Gracie kay Maricar almost 6 months lng...though di sya residency at least she was there na. We have lot of friends there na years ang giabot bag-o nka resident visa.

Hope fireworks will rain in our sky too...hahaha!

I have seen the circus acts, grabeh...lalaki gyud sya Naids. My two boys are also doing that...basta naay kasakaan, hala cge katkat!

ZAM said...

dugay sa akong friend..mga 5 or 6 yrs...permanent residency man jud sa family...

but soooo happy na at last naa na jud ilang gipa abot...

bing, grabe jud ning mga bata karon oi..akoinahan cge ingon na dili daw mi in-ani kalingaw sa una..heheh