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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

viva la carnival!

One of my best buds, G gave me an idea about this carnival thang.

So one day in my less than ordinary life, I dropped by the site , perused their list, and submitted some.

And forgot all about them, not purposely because you know how I am.

This morning, I got a pleasant surprise when I found out that one of these got featured in the Carnival of Family Life.


grace said...

Hi Naids, I totally forgot submitting an entry to the carnival even if Kailani (the creator of the COFL) reminded me so. Congrats on your first carnival debut!

Anonymous said...

limtanon na pud

bing said...

Daghan pa cguro ko kaunon na bugas or baul na buklaton para makit-an nako akong nakatago na english bag-o ko kaapil ana...hehehe.

Congrats Naids!

ZAM said...

thanks..but dili bing can always try's open for day you've gotta try ha...