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Monday, July 30, 2007

vacation-ing at home

I’ve just came out from my short blogging hiatus. At last.

Actually, I also had an unexpected “vacation” from work. For quite some time, I haven’t warmed my bum on my ergo seat in the office and haven’t commanded an oh-so serious look while facing the monitor, as if doing something of high importance (when all along I’m just blogging! Hah!). Oh-lala, I have been spared from work-related concerns and network worries. For five glorious days. Bliss, bliss, bliss.

But then in the five days that I stayed at home, I was doing…everything. Everything except blogging or writing. Nor did I have the time to think about blogging, much less miss it. Really.

Last Thursday, my sister came down with a GI bug and my father did not feel too good either. With mother attending to their needs during the day, I didn’t have to think twice about dropping everything else and taking care of dear son.

That night, my sister was brought to the hospital and for the first time, I spent a night home alone with only my son as company.

And no sooner had my father, who helped my mother attend to my sis in the hospital, felt a little better than my mother fell ill too. So my supposed one-day leave from work turned into a mandatory three-day leave.

And I found myself busy as a bee mothering not only my son but the family members I’m living with as well. Even when my sister was discharged from the hosp by Thursday noon.

By “mothering” I meant slaving over the stove and making sure everybody had their meals on time, playing nurse to my mother and sister, doing the dishes, taking care of my son’s laundry, keeping the house clean and somewhat sanitized (for everyone’s sake!), humoring a super active boy…yaddi, yadda…and everything in between. It went on like this for five days. My life was certainly a marathon of household chores. What a life!

What a hectic life! Indeed. Sensibly, blogging had to take the backseat. Of course! I hardly even had the time to comb my hair.

Surprisingly though, I was not complaining. Everyday, I woke up earlier than usual (despite the lack of sleep) with a light heart, a smile and a matching energy to boot. Really, really true. Despite the God-help-me long list of household chores to accomplish. That energy just helped me get through it all (thanks God!).

I still don’t know why I felt so great and happy- I still feel the “bounce” now. Of course, I didn’t feel good about my love ones getting sick and all. But then staying at home and doing the mundane, I think, had done me more good than I could have ever imagined. I feel lighter in the heart now, my stride feels lighter, too. Something must have happened while I was deep in my knees doing nothing and everything. I wonder what.

P.S. Maybe too much Sesame Street put some “bounce” back.

1 comment:

grace said...

What!? 5 days at home and you did not even go online and chat with me! =(