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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

just in time

I received this text message from my sis AJ, while in the midst of multi-tasking (read: conducting routine test calls and internet-ing!):

MGA PAALALA (reminders):

  1. Nka xxx ka ba? (did you wear your xxx?)
  2. Tawagan mo ang Philcom... (call a landline service provider)
  3. Blah..blah, blah...

I had big laughs thinking that she's acting like a personal assistant, my personal assistant and reminding me of my what-to-dos. Perfect.

After that disastrous episode of forgetting to wear some bare essential (item #1) yesterday, I think I really need that.

I actually forgot. Gasp! My lips are sealed. I know you'd be aghast if you'd learn about my recent blunder so I'm not saying what it was. But shame on me for forgetting.

Sister, oh, sister. So smart and thoughtful and funny of her to remind me. Her being the youngest in the brood, and me, the eldest sister.


bing said...

You mean bra? Mas worst if ang sa ubos...nah! Sign of aging na na Naids.

sandierpastures said...

hahaha! delikado na na Naids...but I will not throw the first stone, Naa time last year nakalimot ko mag-bra..and kabalo na ka ang size nako after giving birth!!

Anonymous said...

ngilngig kau noh....hahay oi...mau nlang nakadala ko ug blazer..