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Saturday, July 21, 2007

An excerpt

To my number #1 reader, who doesn't like to comment online but who is the reason I'm back into writing. He who keeps me all aflame

Sometime in the past, hubby and I were talking about ourselves, our characters and our relationship.

Hubby: You are fire, and I am water.

I couldn't be too sure now but knowing myself only too well, I know I must have had a harried expression on my face then ( let's say, it's more from the motherly responsibilities than anything... smirk!). But I could clearly recall thinking, me- fire? What does he mean by that?

Does he think I'm the angel of destruction? God, no. It sounded like I could wipe a village down to ashes. Ominous.

Fire is powerful. Too powerful and dreadful, in fact. Do I wield that much power?

Does he think I'm passionate? Now, wouldn't that be interesting. Romantic me thinks living life without passion is absolutely not living it. Don't you think so too?

Fire could mean strength. But to actually be compared to fire sounded not good to me.

Ironically, I, who is a short fuse, wanted to be water - a cool liquid with quiet strength.

So what really does he mean by that?

Hubby, explaining to me in a no-nonsense tone: [It only means] we complement each other.

Translation: [If you could use some dousing] I could douse a raging fire. [But I could also use some heat, some warmth, some light] so kindling a comfortable smolder will be all welcome.


So what about you, what best describes your character with respect to your partner?

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