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Saturday, July 14, 2007

and i , you thought...

I'm still here.

Yeah, yeah. You read me right the first time.

I'm still here. I am here at home. Contrary to, possibly, everyone's belief.

I have to forego with my travel plans, with my wanting to romance the sea and the sand and with my wanting to relax and enjoy.

A star called frequent LBM afflicted dear son, thus deterring me from traveling with some of my colleagues.

Although I understand that I also have various roles to play in this life, one thing is clear to me and that is to be a mother first. So pardon me for the let down of not finding attractive beach pictures in my post now.

Ayyy, saying. I heard someone say in the background. Of course, to miss out on the opportunity to chill out in Dakak is sayang because that’s an all-expense-paid trip (and you know I’m such a sucker to things given for free).

But had I decided to push through with that, I would also have to face the ire of a moon called dear mother, whom I expected to do everything in her power to keep me at home. Everything, short of pointing a gun in my face (and I wouldn't blame her).

You know what they say about this, it’s really one of those tricky when-you’re-not-there-you-worry-but-when-you’re-there-you-end-up-worrying-all-the-same situations. But no, I’m really far from worrying now, but I must admit I’m thinking, I’m wondering of the fun and adventure of being in such a tourist-y place. But then, if I were in Dakak now, knowing myself to be such a worrywart, I know I’d only end up thinking and worrying myself sick with the health of a kid I left at home. So for everyone’s sake, me and my sanity included, I stayed.

Matt’s not showing any sign of LBM today. And although I'm not romancing the sea and the sand, but only the keyboards, I’m really glad I stayed.

Boy, I'm just glad I stayed.


Grace said...

Hi Naids, someone already told me you are at home instead of donning a bikini in Dakak! =)
If I were in your shoes, I would have stayed too. I am sure Matt is happy with your decision. Dakak will always be there but you only get to cuddle your son in the first few years until he gets himself a girlfriend!

bing said...

True gyud na Grace, di bitaw na molakaw ang Dakak. Manya lng to ni Matt para di ka kauban...bilin man gud sya gud.