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Thursday, July 19, 2007

some nights in a mother's life

Silent night. All is calm. All is dark. Actually, it's pitch-black dark because we -mother and son prefer it that way.

Perfect. Everything's just perfect.

At the right time, my dear tot sleeps. At the right place - in the circle of my warm embrace, he slumbers.

Comfy makeshift bed. Soft pillows. The right room temp.

And a soothing music to boot. The even breathing of my son and the gentle humming of the aircon blend well, creating such a perfect melody.

I would have liked to succumb to blessed peaceful slumber there and then. But no, not yet. I still have one little tidying task to do as yet, I'd patiently and firmly remind myself. One more reality to face before I could hit the sack.

Even before flicking the main light on, I could already see the mini pandemonium that is our room.

I see a similar picture in my mind's eye


bing said...

Same feelings...Lami na kaau itulog unta uban sa mga bata...then cute pod kaau sud-ungon ang bata na natulog ba...kaso ma picture gyud sa ako mind na i need to clean their mess pa...intawn mga inahan.

joyzee said...

bz ko pero kailangan ko mgcomment kai dako akong fee...


dli mn ikaw perme maglimpyo ana... ako.. ako.. ako... puro nlng ako! hahahaha...

sandierpastures said...

Joy, you sound like my sister!
Cleaning while the kids are young and I must add awake, is just plowing the snow when the snow storm has not passed yet! Hope you get the point! hehehe

ZAM said...

bz kau nagfriendster...! cge nlang ikaw,ikaw,ikaw sa internet! bwahahah...!

ako anak gitudloan nko "return toys" tuod man return once, bungkagon many times...!

mao na jud ni...heheheh