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Sunday, July 29, 2007


If I were to turn one moment of my life into a 3-minute flick, I’d have chosen an afternoon of late when a seemingly innocent mineral water bottle somehow found its way to my son’s hand.

I daresay that it had the needed elements in one full package. Suspense. Drama. Comedy. And a bonus twist.

Moreover, the actor is, by consequence and by choice, my favorite. My son.

So there he was holding the almost empty mineral bottle. What could possibly be wrong with that? Nothing really, had my imp of a son not found a better way of emptying it- by aiming to pour out the last of its content on a very live electric outlet, silently lying on the floor just few centimeters away from him. But then, kids are, indeed, predictably unpredictable.

Luckily though, he missed it by a hair’s breadth!

[With fear slowly ebbing away, myriad of emotions hit me full force. Relief, annoyance, rage… I was really really really upset. Honestly mad.]

MATT, YOU…,” livid me started to chastise him in a louder than usual voice. But checking myself, I cut myself short in mid-sentence, unwilling to let anger get the better of me.

I was still seething but gritting my teeth and scanning my ire-addled brain for something constructive to say, when my son quickly butted in, “You, vee, doe you (double-you)...”

The unaffected man of the hour gleefully continued in the tune of the Alphabet song! His initial reaction of wide-eyed wonder was slowly replaced with a sheepish grin.

And I couldn’t help it, I broke into laughter myself. In times like this, I think dear tot is becoming more like my husband in character despite his constant-albeit-unwanted absence.

Lesson: Humor is a dangerous powerful weapon. It is a magic spell.