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Friday, July 13, 2007

To Dakak

I'll be off to Dakak tomorrow. Woooohoooo!

But I'm not sure if I can squeeze some time to make some notes for this blog. I am not really sure I wanted to do that.

Because I just want to enjoy (even if I'm not bringing my son and my husband with me *groan*sigh*), relax, enjoy and relax. I hope I won't mess up miss them toooo much to be able to relax and enjoy *crossing my fingers.*

But I hope to post pictures when I get back. I would love to do that.
On second thought, maybe I'll just make some mental notes for me to recall when I get back. That would be nice, ey?

Have a happy and refreshing weekend everyone!


bing said...

Oi laagan ka ha! Why man di kauban ang son? Luoy pod...mura lugar ug dalaga ha.

ZAM said...

company treat man gud...lahi man ang family day, lahi pod ang company celeb sa among company...mao dili pde uban family...lagi oi..mingawon raba ko...dili gani unta ko moadto...pero sayang man pod...

sandierpastures said...

Hi Naids!! Uban kooo!! Regards ko sa imong kauban..mouban siya? =)

bing said...

Aha! Kinsa naman pod na ha???

bingkat said...

i have the courage na gyud...
hope u will have time to drop by...and also leave a comment...hahaha...nagpakiluoy