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Friday, July 13, 2007

A Pants (War) Story

Late last year, when flared-sies could be considered as mainstream popular,

Flared-sies, refusing to budge: "Don't I just look grand?"

I detected few pairs of skinnies strutting around town. Just a few of them that you could count them by ticking off your fingers.
But although there were just few of them, you couldn't miss noticing their attempt to knock the flared-sies over their firm perch on the fashion ground. They were throwing off stones, shooting arrows, firing water guns, stomping their feet and stepping on toes firmly rooted to the ground. Comparatively, if flared-sies were Goliath, then skinnies were David, feebly trying to topple a giant.

Skinnies, persistently trying: "You just wait! When our time comes, it will be a riot!"

Back then, I believe flared-sies were only teeny-weeny annoyed with their weak attempts but not really threatened with all that. But I could already sense a very tense atmosphere, very similar to when a person meets his antagonist face to face, for the very first time. Animosity was unmistakably high in the air.

But of course, it's not the first time that skinnies showed up their gorgeous heads, err legs. They've been here before, they graced the fashion ramp, walked all the streets of the globe. Until their time came, a time when they eventually lost their appeal to the fashion gurus. A sad time when they would have to be shelved back to old cabinets and

Incidentally, I bought myself a not-yet-trendy pants that fit perfectly like a second skin that very same time last year. Mind you, the attraction was more of economics in nature than fashionistic. That pair of pants I found hanging in a rack was sold for only half its original price. Although I still thought that flared-sies have all the advantage of surviving the pressure and could possibly last three to five more years, the bargain-hunter in me just couldn't resist that offer.
Or is it safe to believe I have fashion instincts too? Ha!

Months later, but not really to my surprise, the proof that even David could topple a giant was all evident. The streets boldly shout his victory, in all different languages and colors.

And the flared-sies' time has come. And NOW is that sad time, their sad time when they will slowly have to be shelved back to old cabinets and


bing said...

Wow sexy! Maau man ka Naids kay di man pata na imong legs...ang ako intawon, after having three children murag na triple ang size. Grrr...

ZAM said...

bing dili na ako knang first 2 pics...ang last ako na...heheheh...dako japun ko legs...but bahala na lang..dili man ikabaylo ang pagka-mother...
btw, pila edad imong kids?

bing said...

Eldest is 7, next is the girl turning 3 sa Nov. 30 and youngest (boy) is 1.4 yrs. old...gamay na lang panahon pwd na ko kalakwatsa...hahaha.

sandierpastures said...

Hi Naids!! I am sporting the same kind of pants today! Uso na na karon...hehehe..I'll post a pictures of mahself soon...bibing is not allowed to comment dayon! hehehe

bing said...

Na di gyud! I'll use another PC and hide my identity....bwahaha!

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