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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Meme: Eight Random Things About My Marriage

Got this one from Annie. Here goes my list.

  • My better half (BH) and I have a long-distance love affair. Eversince. And until now. We used to work in the same town and we would see each other, because he was a classmate from college, on group gatherings. Strangely though, we became an item a year or so after I moved out of Cebu and took up a job in this town.
  • We were sort of not-seeing but dating and listening to each other [hours and hours of phone calls until now :-)] for about a year, when marriage came into the picture. But we only became "one before God and men" ( I smilingly recall now at how we, during our pre-marriage days, often refer a wedding that way) after another year of wait and preparation. That's about 2 years after becoming an item.
  • Almost one year into the marriage, we discussed and agreed to see a doctor should we hit our first anniversary and the PT result still shows a single line. We had always been praying for a baby.
  • Later in March 2005, weeks after celebrating our first year anniversary in a beautiful island up north [will post a pic on WW] and an hour before BH's scheduled arrival, I had myself tested. I saw a solid single line again but with an additional very faint second one appear on the kit. When he came, I told him that but he first thought I was only kidding. It finally kicked in when I showed him the kit. He was so overjoyed he was kissing my tummy like someone possessed and he was misty-eyed.
  • Although BH works an overnight-boat-trip away from home, we've never really had any trust issue (or the lack of it) in between the two of us. Even before the marriage. Ever. Not once [thanks God].
  • We always burn the telephone line for hours and hours and many times everyday. We end our SMS and calls with an i-l-y-v-m line and then followed with a God-bless-you. When I'm peeved, I'd sometimes purposely forget and knock out the ilyvm from the usual but my BH, feeling bad or not, never fails to tell me so. He always says not to let an emotion, any emotion --no matter how overpowering it can be -- come between our saying the ilyvm.
  • Mmmm, so what's next? Still trying to rack my brain... Mmm, I guess I like being married with my geeky, wacky and funny husband. He always tries to make me laugh especially when he feels/sees me creasing my forehead in a frown or when I'm pouting and sulking - that I sometimes get teary-eyed because of frustration and because of laughing too hard over his punchlines. And he says he likes staying married with me, too.
  • My marriage is not perfect - it's really far from it. And more because we're far from perfect ourselves. But everyday, despite the odds, we try. We try to make it work, to make it what we want it to be. We are always trying to make it a blessed and happy union of two un-perfect persons.
And this one is an open tag. So if you feel like playing, tap away.

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annie said...

Wow Zenaida, long distant relationships are so hard. I pray that you two will grow closer during this time and be together forever.

grace said...

Hmmm...sweet. Didn't know my friend can be this mushy. Time for me to learn from you!

Marcia said...

Love what your friend Grace wrote over there :)

I loved your list - I'm the same about the "i love you" although my hubby doesn't mind sulking :) But I force him to kiss me anyway. Told you we love all the kissing stuff :)

Organising queen and
Take charge blogs said...

What a special blessed marriage you have based on faith and love.

ZAM said...

I could happily admit that I think i must be the queen of