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Saturday, August 04, 2007

I bought one Fisher-Price toy

When the news about Fisher-Price recalling some Made In China toys hit the airwaves, I was alarmed because I did purchase one toy for my son last month. And one which he instantly fell inlove with.

I am really panic-stricken. I've always been cautious in choosing Matt's toys because I am aware about the possible hazards of paints, which some toys are decorated with.

I've seen the complete list of recalled toys already. Actually, I've read through it over and over again (and was holding my breath all the while).

I know I should be able to relax now, but I am still anxious and worried though already breathing normally. Can't take chances, so I guess his Doctor Giggles will no longer see the light of the day tomorrow and onwards. That's the only way I know of dispelling this unease.

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HowToMe said...

Thank you for this posting! I really appreciate it.

bing said...

Maayo na lng Naids, wala ko kapalit ug toys from that manufacturer...

Hadlok kaau ba, considering na it could affect the child's brain.

Awesome Mom said...

We didn't have any of the toys. We did have to send several trains back for the Thomas the Train recall.

ZAM said...

we - as mothers- sjould really be and all.