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Monday, August 27, 2007

From Mama with love

"Why not buy him a book?" my mother told me when she saw the litter of bond papers and cut-outs from old magazines, glossy brochures scattered on the floor.

Yes, that's true, I could buy him a book. In fact, I already bought him some books (which I had also been reading to him) even before he saw the glaring lights in the Delivery Room.

But. I thought, I want him to have something I made myself.

I was being slushy alright. (And knowing that I'm not much of a craftswoman, I won't be surprised be if you'd think) I - or that thought - was ridiculous, too. Call it a soppy thought of a first-time mom after a couple of weeks or so of giving birth to an adorable boy. (But then I know I could be slushy and soppy even without the postpartum Or call it whatever you want. But I really felt compelled to do a personalized something for my son.

Besides, almost two years ago, with the start of my two-month maternity leave, I suddenly found myself in an uncommon situation of sitting at home 24/7 with plenty of time on my hands. Inevitably, I also found myself wondering what to do in between nursing and diaper change. I decided I might as well do anything than be bored doing nothing.

So with a pair of scissors and resolute determination, I started to make that something - a visual learning booklet for the baby.

It's certainly not much, but it's made with all the love in the world. (Yay! See, I'm really soppy!)

It has RBW figures, colors,

Various shapes,

And numbers, too.

Materials used: old brochures or magazines (preferably with glossy pages and bold colors), clean sheets of paper (bond paper), unused picture album, glue [and a dash of imagination and creativity].

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Summer said...

This is such an easy, inexpensive idea. I'm going to be making some. Thanks!!

tegdirb92 said...

wow--how creative.. That is something to definitely treasure.

Stephanie said...

I think that is wonderful. What a treasure!