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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Here's a meme from Grace:

My roommate(s) and I once… (while hunting for a new place to stay) were mistaken as "a couple of teenagers who ran away from home" by a kind woman who later became our landlady. She said, she thought we looked too young and didn't definitely look like we had just earned our Bachelor's Degree and were already preparing for a Licensure Exam.

Never in my life have I… felt such great unadulterated joy than holding my son in my arms the first time.

High school was… a blur of fun and confusion. It's always fun to be young and carefree. The confusion comes when you suddenly notice that while you're sleeping, your body has somehow "mutated" and then you try to figure out a way to deal with your all-too-new awareness of the opposite sex. Plus the fact that your parents are putting you under the microscope 24/7 while you're still deciding what you want to do, what you want to be...yaddi, yadda..

When I’m nervous… I tend to either talk too fast or not talk at all.

My hair… is already too long, it's already way past my shoulders and I'm thinking of having it shortened to that spot just right below the ears, but then I'm having second thoughts because I just paid a handsome amount for this do.

When I was five… I'd often be seen tailing behind my father.

When I turn my head left… I see no one but non-living things - silent desktops, piles of papers, empty chairs, my bag... Today is a holiday and except for the guards outside, I'm totally alone in this room.

I should be… eating my breakfast now.

By this time next year… I hope my family- all 3 of us -will be living together under one roof already.

My favorite aunt was… absent from the family gathering we have had yesterday.

I have a hard time understanding… which really came first, the egg or the chicken. Lol.

You know I like you if… I am still talking nonstop or listening to you after 10minutes.

My ideal breakfast is… eaten with the loves of my life.

If you spend the night at my house… you'll learn a lot of things about me and my family. That when we have the right material, my mother, like me, likes to read even at so late at night. That before sleeping, and for whatever reason, we always put a glass of water behind the main and the back doors.

My favorite blonde is… I can't decide if I should only put Drew Barrymore's name here because I like Reese a lot too.

My favorite brunette is… Demi Moore.

I shouldn’t have… skipped breakfast (again) today.

Last night I… had the pleasure of lying on bed in between the two men I want to be sleeping with every night. My Matt and my BH.

A better name for me would be… my name. Nothing else.

I’ve been told I look like…my sister (and mostly because of my straight hair!)

If I could have any car, it would be… a Ford Escape!

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1 comment:

grace said...

Mas chada ang Japanese car naids hehehe...I know your signature nervous talk...hahaha