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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sleepy but still awake

I'm tired. I'm sleepy. I'm home.I must really be sleepwalking or sleepblogging, whatever, now.

But in my half-closed eyes state, I'm uncannily posting the reasons why I try to get as much sleep as possible. Because the lack of it:

  • Makes my reflexes slow to react. And then I think I become clumsier when I don’t get enough of it. Did you just hear the clink of glass breaking in the background?

  • Gives me hyperacidity attacks and gas pains.

  • Makes me want to munch more than I normally consume. And that is more likely to worsen my hyperacidity.

  • Gives me a Froggy feeling. I mean, it-or the lack of it- makes my pair of not-deep-set eyes horribly puffy and buggy.

  • And I get the feeling that I look all wrinkled as a raisin. Que, horror!

  • Twists my tongue and makes me end up enunciating words the wrong way. And you’d hear me say, “Can I have my bell now?” when I meant to ask about the bill.

  • Addles my memory. Like this afternoon my officemate asked me where Oman is and I went, “Mmm…(thinking deeply)” and then after a sec I said, “We’ll just Google it.” No sooner had I said that than I realized that I do know where Oman is.

  • Disorients me and I mess up with people’s names. So, John... este Hon, if you hear me calling you by mistake using somebody else’s name, pardon me.

I'll hop into bed now.

  • Causes parts of me to go unsynchronized. Like at this moment, my mind is already shrieking “Go to bed now!” yet here I am still tapping at the keyboard. Oh, I get totally disjointed. I don’t think I’m thinking straight. So off I scoot now.

Goodnight everyone!

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Kathy in WA said...

I am a DEFINITE sleep blogger. I think I'm giving up sleep in favor of blogging these days, but your list is so true for me. I need to be more careful to protect my sleep. There are five little ones (or not so little) who need me fresh and alert and focused on the here and now.

Hard to resist the call of the keyboard and an empty blog page. :)

Duckabush Blog

ZAM said...

About that bit of not being able to resist..It's oh so true, isn't it? And to think you got 5 little ones to take care of. Hands down, you must be doing a lot of balancing act.

日月神教-任我行 said...