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Monday, August 06, 2007

The Simpson's seem-show

So I watched the Simpson's at home last Friday with kiddo Matt.

After almost a decade, I've been so excited to see Bart's zigzaggy head as well as his silly antics again, not to mention Marge's over-the-top do. I truly loved Bart when I was still in highschool. And even back in my college years. I can still remember the fun I had watching the series then.

But after watching the latest flick, I was disappointed. I didn't really like it that much. And if the squirming of my son while in my arms were any indication, he must have felt the same way too.

While the film was running, I had no other way of entertaining myself except playing the brushing-the-hand -aside game with my son, who was thoroughly enjoying inspecting the optical mouse and the monitor buttons.

Maybe it's the movie. Or is it just me? Almost a decade and one kid later, maybe I've changed. I didn't think the "lega-she" or that part with Bart clashing against the school principal is funny. Nor did I find the bit about Ronaldo breaking up a family hilarious.

Even so, I keep on telling myself that it couldn't be that bad. It's not actually that bad - and maybe others will find it totally amusing- but I will not scratch what I said about not liking it.

However, I'm going to quote something from the movie as a spin-off.

You spent too much time planning your revenge, you lost everything that really matters.

- Marge (to Homer), The Simpson’s Movie

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1 comment:

bing said...

Eversince, i don't like Simpson' itsura pa lang.