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Friday, August 17, 2007

A Confession

I have a confession to make. I am having an affair, and not just any affair. I am having a love affair. Shush.

Does my husband know? Shrug. He’ll definitely know when he reads this.

The object of my affection is totally dependable and strong. He goes by the name of Superman – a life saver. My life saver.

He helps me with my responsibilities at home. He handles the housework efficiently. He is an expert.

He keeps the dishes, the pots and pans sparkling. The bathroom and the kitchen, spotless. The air, light and clean. The floor, tidy. The laundry, immaculate.

I don’t think I could have done that all in a jiffy.

He stands by me and carries me through rough times. The mother’s tough times. Like he nurses my son’s skinned knees and pesky itches with the gentleness of a mother’s touch. Oh, I love him.

He takes care of me. He makes sure my set of teeth is well-polished. My skin -my feet, my face, every nook and cranny of me, squeaky clean. My breath, fresh.

I feel so loved. I’m all aglow because of him.

Baking soda. I don’t think I can live without it.

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bing said...

Baking Soda as in baking soda??? Can it be used also for insect bites?

Laane said...

Great post!

grace said...

I am a baking soda lover too. Couldn't reiterate enough its great work for my face.

ZAM said...

Yes Bing, it's the same old baking soda we use for baking pastries etc. As wash to insect bites, yes. It can act as disinfectant/antiseptic. And it won't sting. Also good for minor skin irritation and itches. But since it easily wears off, you may couple it with a salve specifically for insect bites. For insect bites, I dab a certain brand of beeswax (not available here though) that's about 100% natural and effective too.