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Thursday, August 30, 2007

City Lights

We were cruising around the city and I decided to take some random shots around.

The DV Soria

The DV Soria strip is a one-stop-get-all destination, where one can find almost everything one wants. The long line of establishments includes restos, hotels, airline ticketing offices, drugstores, salons and barber shops, fruit stand, newspaper stand, freight and forwarding office, grocery, electronic shops, gym, pubs and bars, coffee shops, bookstore, internet café, laundry shop, meat shop, photo studios, black market [for foreign currency]. Whew, that loooong! [ And I’m afraid I even missed some. =)]

At night, you might notice a significant number of people sitting or standing and staring long and hard on something in one of the elevated corners. These are chess masters and fanatics, among others, who gather and play until early morning.

Every Friday and Saturday, this strip is closed to give way to the night café and market. The night café mostly offers grilled food which could be ordered and eaten right there. If you’re lucky, you could catch a live band playing in the Kagawasan stand and watch while eating the grilled fare. On the other hand, the night market offers some merchandise like DVDs, toys, used clothes, shoes and the like at very enticing cost. Just a word of caution: Because this event could draw quite a crowd, it pays to be extra careful when carrying valuables.

On Sundays, the hum of engines are occasionally interrupted with the blaring micro/mega phones of those “preaching” the word of God. (And I am quoting it for a reason).

Still in DV Soria (a drugstore in view)

Gaston Park

With lush greens and and a huge fountain dominating the grounds, this area can provide a good view for photo ops. (Oh man, we do have an old pic family taken here). Located near the St. Augustine's Cathedral, this area is noticeably crowded during Sundays.

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angel said...

Hey, is that Manila city? ^.^

BTW, none of those 'strings' attire ended up in my wardrobe haha...

Happy Tantalising Thursday! ;)

Heather said...

Cool pics!

TorAa said...

I see, we have a night cruise here. That's ok. We need many more of that kind.

I like this post

Anonymous said...

Those are really neat!

Alison said...

Great pics, I like the movement in them.

Nesting Momma said...

Wow beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my WW.

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

Great photos! :-)

Thanks for visiting!
Happy WW! :-)

amygeekgrl said...

those are fabulous. love the nighttime light shots. :)

ZAM said...

Hi Angel! it's actually not in Manila. It's in the City of Golden Friendship, eastern part of PI

maiylah's snippets said...

i remember that place there is still the night thingy every weekend. ;)

MissMeliss said...

Great pictures, and thanks for visiting my blog...

ZAM said...

Hi Maiylah. Yes, we still have the night market/cafe downtown every Friday & Saturday every week.