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Sunday, August 19, 2007


I wonder what happened to the picture I posted for Wordless Wednesday last week. It's no longer visible. I have not done anything to have caused its disappearance.

I've noticed this is becoming not unusual with blogger. Similar thing has happened, and it's not just twice or thrice but numerous times already, to some pics I posted before in some of my previous entries.

Whatever happened to them?

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grace said...

There might be a case of aliens abducting blogger photos! hehehe
Maybe it's time to migrate to wordpress..less headache.

bing said...

Bitaw Naids...mag wordpress you na lang...

Sometimes, i had the hard time opening your page.

zamejias said...

mao jud...basin if abot na time, switch ko...actually naa nato before kadto ingon c grace mag wp...but la p nko use...