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Saturday, August 04, 2007


At the start of this month, I was thinking about flowers. Maybe because the town fiesta* is coming up real soon and I’m expecting the customary flower/plants display outside of a nearby mall. When we have the display full blast, I might drop by and look around.

Oh, I just love flowers (hint, hint *wink*)

This one's not from this town though. Nor from our yard. This was taken by hubby during one of his business trips.

n. fiesta
A festival or religious holiday, especially a saint's day celebrated in Spanish-speaking countries.

[Spanish, from Vulgar Latin *fēsta. See feast.] Source:

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annie said...

Hi Zenaida, pretty flowers!

sandierpastures said...

I know that flower! and miss it so!

zamejias said...

pretty, pretty...yup...couldn't agree more with annie..not from this town though...will post some picks from here hopefully soon..

G, i can just imagine...but at least there's a vacation for your whole fam in the offing..