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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wildflower - New York

So I received Sheryl Crow's DVD last Tuesday. Being a big fan of hers, it goes without saying that I could hardly contain my excitement to watch her performance during the Wildflower Tour.

So when I came home from the office, watch her - I did. I actually watched with my son Matt - who was all eyes and ears to her performance. (I couldn't believe that Sheryl Crow had his full attention the entire time the DVD was playing! Matt is a very active kid and he always moves around even if his favorite flicks are turned on that's why I was surprised when he kept still the whole time Sheryl was singing on screen).

Anyway, I enjoyed the performance a lot. Can I just add-- maybe it's just my imagination but I can detect a slight awkwardness there -- not with the singing though but with her movements. But anyway, I just love her. I love her performance and I definitely love, love, love her song for God entitled Letter to God and her anti-war song, Where Has All The Love Gone.

I was still lost in thought thinking of these songs when the credits rolled on the screen and I was only brought back to the present time when Matt moved and requested to "watch Tita Sherie again, Mama."

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