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Friday, June 27, 2008

Get Your CISCO Certification, Too

The demand for IT professional is rapidly growing – here and abroad. And with this trend, my sister was encouraged to take up an IT course. She is a graduate now but she is working to get to the next level of the IT profession – that is to secure an associate Cisco certification. Here, it has actually become a necessity for IT professionals to get a Cisco certification because when you are Cisco-certified, bigger doors of opportunity are opened for you.

I, for one, am also inspired to get my certification. Being in the wireless communications industry (where we mostly use Cisco equipments and where the direction is using the IP platform fullblast), I understand the need for this. It is also apparent that one’s credibility in operating and maintaining these equipment–although not wholly- but primarily depends on whether one is Cisco-certified or not. Currently, my colleagues are already having their CCNA modules and I might follow suit once my current career pre-occupation is accomplished. It’s so convenient these days because one can get the training and exams online.

My husband who is in the Hardware design industry is also working in getting his associate certification (there are various Cisco associate certifications i.e. Design (CCDA), Routing and Switching (CCNA), Security (CCNA Security), Voice (CCNA Voice) and Wireless (CCNA Wireless) but he is getting the Routing and Switching CCNA). Like in our company, it is not required of them, but he understands that getting a training and securing a certification will enhance his knowledge and skills and will give him an edge in his practice.

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