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Saturday, June 28, 2008

About My Venture Into Paid Blogging

If you’ve been reading me, you’d have known that I have started monetizing my blog late last year. The jump to doing paid posts was not a whirlwind decision. I thought long and hard about it – and weighed the consequences i.e. readership issue, etc… While I didn’t realize other issues that I might encounter with this decision, I had learned a lot over the course of time – I am still learning now. I learned how it feels like to lose a PR and then regain it again. I am learning the English language and its usage all over again. Most of all, I have learned to that in everything we do, the success depends on how much dedication we invest in what we are doing. I used to see paid blogging as an easy ticket to earn extra cash. I didn’t know then that you can only expect much from paid blogging, only if you put much into it too. Now I realize that it needs more time than what I can afford to spend online.

In short, it is a rollercoaster ride for me. Sometimes, I get to deliver posts, sometimes not. This is due to the fact that not only do I have a regular 8-hour-a-day job, I only have a family to take care of. But over time, I have learned my pace –and am still learning at the moment. I have been blessed with good opportunities online but I can just imagine how it must be for those who can afford to stay longer online. I can only imagine the rewards they are reaping- what with numerous paid blogging services these days. And very recently SocialSpark is launched as addition to the list. It’s “so far,so good” for me but I will have to stop there. If you want to learn more and experience paid blogging the SocialSpark way, you have to try it and find out what it's like for yourself.

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