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Sunday, June 15, 2008

P.S. I Love You

Activity in the office was relatively slow yesterday and so I had a chance to -- guess what? -- watch a movie again.

And it's a lovestory! Weeee heee. Being a sucker of romantic tales, you can just imagine how secretly excited I was when my male officemate only said in a flat voice, "it's a lovestory" after I asked whether it's a good one. * But of course, I tried to mask my excitement*

Anyway, PS. I Love You, which stars Hilary Swank (Holly) and Gerard Butler (Gerry), is a story of a young widow named Holly who discovers that her husband Gerry left her messages to help her get through her mourning. And help her start a new life.

It's a total tearjerker and it touched me. It actually planted what-ifs in my mind. Although the concept about "those letters" seem unbelievable and not realistic, I was carried away with the story. And what do you expect from a wuss like me? It won't be shocking to know that I cried - as in CRIED - while watching it. I was silently crying right there in the office. And I would have unabashedly cried more if I wasn't sharing the room with two other companions who were busy doing technical stuff.

When I went to the CR after seeing the end of the movie, I saw that my eyes were swollen and red. What a wuss! So my say about P.S. I Love You is it's an eye stinger. :-)

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annie said...

That movie made me cry too!

ZJ said...

Ayy, liko ko manood niyan. Kaso lang da husband will raise his eyebrown kasi nga ayaw niya ng mga ganyang film. I love Gerard Butler, pramis.