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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Brown Saturday

We did not have electricity today - from 6AM to 7PM. Maybe it's one of those maintenace activities with the local provider but I felt so bummed when my PC went out early this morning. But really it's okay No, I was honestly twitching and restless this afternoon after our trip from a nearby pool since I had wanted to catch up with some blogging duties. I know that's a shallow reason but I need to return the love in the Blogosphere. I have a lot of catching up to do. (So if I haven't returned the love yet, don't think I'm snobbing you or anything. It's just that I need some time to do that).
I also hate it when we do not have electricity because it means grilling ourselves in a warm house. My son Matt always sleeps longer in his naptime when we have the A/C.

Anyway, Matt thoroughly enjoyed the pool today. He actually didn't want to go home and kept on saying "swim some more" but we just had to be home by lunchtime since I promised my mother we'll eat lunch together.

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