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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Cisco Certification Made The Difference

With the industry I circulate in, I understand very well the importance of a Cisco certification. It has even become a must, and a certification is already a must have.

One time in not so distant past, the company was looking for a personnel to fill in an IT position. Numerous IT professionals turned in their application and I had recommended a friend for the position. I had thought that this friend was everything our company would want- in terms of skills. Taking his experience into consideration, I had no doubt in my mind that he will be an asset to the company. Because I know that he is highly qualified for the job and he is a perfect candidate, I vouched for his application and he went through the standard procedure of taking an exam and getting interviewed. To our surprise, when the selection process was all done, he was not hired. The significant thing that made a difference was a Cisco certification. Despite his skills and experience, my friend had no Cisco certification to his name then. It was a sad thing because I know he is a competent IT professional. But that is reality.

A Cisco certification would give an IT practitioner the edge. From experience, I guess employers would see the certification as an endorsement of sorts. To the practitioner, a certification is a confidence and marketability booster. And because of this, my sister (who is an IT graduate), my husband (who is in the design field) and I are in the process of working for our Cisco certifications too.

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