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Friday, June 06, 2008

I'd Be Honored To Review Products I Trust

For few months that I’ve been doing paidposts, I found myself doing posts of various topics and products - from credit cards to clothing, insurance to slippers, online games to movies, and many other subjects. Although lately, based on the opps I usually get from PPP or, it looks like Verb is going on the entertainment track (with topics such as music, movies, artists and games). But this doesn’t say I will not do other products reviews. I might not be able to do some here, but maybe my other blogs would be fitting. I really am looking forward to do reviews for some products I am using and I’b be real honored to review them.

And here are some of these products and some brand names that I secretly would love to do a review for:

Baby products

Johnson& Johnson’s – because I used some of their baby products even in my teenage years. Now, I am still using their Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion (which is really designed for babies) and my mother is also using some of their products, too.

Pigeon baby – from bottles to cups to baby lotion to toothpaste, Matt has been using their products since birth. When it comes to baby products, I trust this company.

All natural products such as those from Burt’s Beeswax.

I just love, love, love their products.


I’m such a huge fliploppin’ Momma and I patronize slip-ons from Havaianas and Ipanema

I could really go on and on with this topic but for now, I will hold myself from spilling more "secrets."

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