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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Done, but not yet done!

At last, I've already managed to crack the macro. After slaving over it for a few days, not uninterruptedly though. But this doesn't mean I'm really done with it. I've gotta go back and see what enhancement I can add. If and when I can.

I've already edited its code so it will make up a functional program, one that can be logically correct. It's not completely hardcore programming thing, and not really written in a low-level language but I did warm my butt in my chair for some time, strained some hand muscles and joints in the process and scratched my head for the umpteenth time, one would have thought I'm hosting some parasites in my head/hair.

And before someone says, that's one hardworking genius! I say, no siree, that's one lazy gal at work. That's right, I'm just too lazy doing things manually that I've gotta figure out some way to automate some tasks. Me, so desperate and trying hard!

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