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Monday, June 18, 2007

No more tears

I've been crying. And crying so bad. In reality, I've cried all my eyes out. I've been so excited to hop in the bath, with plans to get all dolled up and prance around in my fresh-est glory. But how can I do the Ms. U strut when I look horrible terrible everytime I come out of the bath with my eyes all red and swollen?

I've been so disappointed. Countless times. I've sought for one after
the other's company. Gentle and mild. Tough and strong. And so many others. I've juggled optimistic thoughts like 'this is it', 'this could be it', 'I couldn't possibly be wrong.' But time and time again, I was bitterly wrong. I've only been heading to Heartbreak Hotel each time. How could I allow myself to be carried away by half-empty promises only to be crushed to a hundred and one pieces later? I only worked myself up to frenzy over nothing. I've got to get rid of them all, quick.

I then figured it was time to seek advice from the wise. But all he said
was I'm okay. I came out of the visit still none the wiser. So well and good, I better look for the answers in other places. Like maybe I could go see somebody else. Or just take a good look deep within me hoping to find the answers.

I've been so fed up already. One day, when I couldn't take no more of
this bath product affairs, I took a good towelette by the arm. Under the steady spray of cool water, naughty me got it sleek wet because it's more useful to me when wet.

And after working up a good lather, I carefully wiped my face to remove the
suds. And it did work. Now why didn't I think of that before? I could have saved myself from the hurt and all the tears.

1 comment:

grace said...

Johnsons baby shampoo na lang aron no more tears!