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Monday, June 11, 2007

Hmmm home

I stayed home these past couple days. And really had a wonderful and fun time doing all the things I could imagine. So what other better thing to write than why I oh-so love staying at home.

  1. There are always a thousand and one interesting things to do while at home. I could read and read and read my heart’s content (granting my son is asleep and that all chores are already finished). Mend old clothes. Tear down the house and clean. Do some yardwork..the list is never-ending.
  2. Get to be silly with my son. Horse playing at every minute is possible.
  3. No need to doll up myself. I could always walk around the house in my jammies and any rattiest shirt without people raising their eyebrows. Wear an unkempt hair all day long! I can even go through the day without taking a bath (but because summer heat is unbearable, this cannot be possible these days)
  4. I can also take as many baths as I like.
  5. Can munch and be merry. Ransack the fridge for some goodies and munchies without getting a bill. And can get double helping of everything on the table without worrying of extra costs. All that plus I can hand feed myself, without getting all self-conscious.
  6. I can alternately hum, yodel and sing Sesame Streets and Barney songs without looking every bit insane. I can even let out some notes at the top of my lungs ala Philly Idol without doing a 360 deg-turn in the head to see if someone’s within earshot.
  7. And last but definitely the best-est treat of all is hearing my son say “Bah-bu” (I love you) million of times; and get licked gazillion of times. Such sheer pleasure. Nothing can ever top that, ayt?

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