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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Remind myself to not say never again. Ever.

I’ve always had this never-buy attitude towards something I can live without- jewelries. Okay, that's not totally true if you count the wedding bands. But let's exclude it.

For years, I have adhered to this self-imposed yet unspoken no-can-do code. For years, I have only used the pieces given to me by my mother or some cousins as presents. And the occasions to adorn myself with these jewelry pieces are hard to come by. Indeed, very rarely do I have a need to put these on. Minimalist me find it sensible to dress for work without these sparkly little things (not even my wedding band!) because with my line of work, I fear they would only attract current to easily lick my body (and then if I strip these ornaments off in the workplace, there's a high risk of misplacing them - trust the forgetful me).

Of course there were times when I would have wanted to -buy and then wear some, but this girl's longing is simply quelled with the disturbing thought of only bedazzling desperate snatchers who might just be waiting for an easy prey (already been a victim of this incident 2 decades or more ago). So for years (since earning my very first paycheck), I have kept my word.

But Sunday, I allowed myself to splurge into buying jewelry pieces made of gold (cute little pieces brought -on my prodding- by a cousin who came from the KSA). I am already calling it
splurge because I've always been stingy when it comes to myself, or my wants (much more to material wants). I could go on a food trip, binge all I want, but that’s food - a very basic need [although an excess of it wouldn't exactly be called basic :-)].

So do not ask me why. And I am clueless myself as to when I'd be able to use them.


grace said...

bitaw naids no, you are a no bling-bling girl gyud. ako man pud...I didn't even notice you are wearing your wedding band!

ZAM said...

la man gud wawarts! harhar!