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Friday, June 15, 2007

(another forgotten entry)

I do not read blogs. Liar! No, I only read blogs of people I know. Liar! But really I read blogs especially of people I know. And I would love to read more of other people's beside my friends' if given more free time but someone, with an iron will, limits my internet time at home to something like 20 minutes. (And beyond that would be disastrous. Trust this someone whom I also call dear son to spring some surprises.) So I usually leave other people's blogs unread, though tempting as it is.

But when one is in an office like mine... and bored to the bones... one could think of so many things, stupid things...even entertain thoughts of jumping off the roof to pry the eyelids open or something like that. And then do a lot more crazy things.

Anyway, I came upon this blog -of someone I do not know. Hands down. I will give it to him..err, her..hmm, whatever. But I know whatever I say here will never do justice to what BryanBoy did and still does in his blog. "Verbal diarrhea* at its best" from "the gayest gay that ever gayed" this town. Read on and tell me I'm silly and stupid and screwed up and all that crap for staying more than 30minutes in his site. (How can I not love his honesty however vulgar and maybe
bastos he may sound at times?)

*I've seen people use these two words a lot but never really thought I'd use it in my blog. Ever. But I feel it's so fitting when used in the bryanboy-context.


grace said...

I'm checking branboy out.

grace said...

Bryanboy diay..but I got a blank page!! Banned siya diri sa UAE!! way to go for fredom of the press!!

ZAM said...

yup I banned daw cya in other countries... some unpalatable truths.. vulgar truths! i haven't visited his site since that first time though..but he's sooo popular he's got plenty of ads on his page...even had magazine,newspaper write-ups about his blog in and out of pinas... i couldn't believe my ears!hahahah