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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Been tagged by Grace re obsessions. So without much funfare, here's my list:

1. The men in my life. That funny rascal who was pounding on the bathroom door the other day and repeatedly saying Mama, Bah-bu* and after a millisecond pause, abri** in a sugary-sweet small voice. And after a few minutes of the pounding and hollering, it finally dawned on me that impish Matt was sweet-talking, coaxing me into opening the door! I could have easily fallen into his clever plot and got both of us into a wet struggle (one day I'll treat him to a water battle!) and delayed a supposed hurried bath way too long. And that is my son, charming in his innocence. Then there’s the one who beats me to chess and checkers (well, actually, he lets me win the game sometimes) but sucks at word games (because I could always give him a 5-0). The one who brings me truckloads of quiet laughter. That is my dear husband, charming in his silence.

2. The seemingly impossible task of keeping myself healthy. Downing the right amount of vitamins ( the odds: forgetting and not really knowing if my body is absorbing the needed amount everyday). Definitely no MSG, less salt and sugar (odds: apart from the battle against the taste buds, you cannot be sure of what you're jamming into your system if you don’t prep the food yourself!). No poultry, less red meat, enough fish and heaps and heaps of veggies and fruits (the odds: fish may be mercury contaminated; fruits and veggies may also be pesticide, insecticide-ridden!). Trying very, very hard not to eat processed food too much (the odds: this is next to starving oneself!). Geez, can you feel paranoia slowly creeping in?

3.Yummies from CafĂ© Laguna and Bigby’s. I always go bonkers after ingesting a spoonful of the kinilaw and pinakbet at the former. Contradictions! MSG overload anyone? *gasp*gasp*

4. Reading. I read anything I can get my hands on. Books, journals, magazines, product labels, even graffittis over the walls (or on tables and desktops) and what-not.

5. Neat stuff from Mango and Kamiseta. And Havaianas slippers. I just couldn’t resist dropping by their outlets (MNG is still not in CDO though *sigh*) and checking what’s out on the rack. Chalk it up to a little female vanity on the side.

And I just needed to add this one:

6. Wentworth Miller. Need I say more?

And now I'm tagging my friend May Ann and my sisters Jacky and Joy. Or if you want to join in the fray, post me a comment.

*Bah-bu means I love you
**Abri is Bisaya term for open


Maria Theresa said...

Nice blogging,keep it up. God bless!

ZAM said...

Oist!! Thanks for dropping by..what's your site? kai himuon nako ug chatroom..heheheh..GOD bless!